Carlos Killpack

A Lament for Lady Liberty

Why Should I Carry on Living?

I'm Serious


We Stopped Dreaming

The Connection Machine


Harm Reduction


Trancendental Dreamer


In Defense of Idling

Ecology And The Human Predicament

Keeping the Memory Alive life history

We Lost the Drug War politics drugs

No Regrets spirituality relationships love

Feels emotion

The Restaurant

Make Something Cool

It Takes A Lot Of Courage To Go Out There And Radiate Your Essence


The "War on Terror" politics gobalization

Dreams dreams love life

Music and Economic Democracy music emotion socialism democracy

Fire Born

Informing (Your|My)self About Soy vegan food


The Geyser

The Dryad

Questions To A Child

Perfection Denied

Love Unconfessed

Like the Day I Was Born

HTMLBuilder javascript template engine web

Fate, Change, Iraq fate iraq determinism free will change

Censorship politics society anti-censorship art censorship china human sexuality reniassance sex industry social issues

Computerization - My Body electro

Communism and Globalization (in China) economics philosophy politics communism socialism

Your Yellow Dress - Hymn for Separated Lovers acoustic/folk

Space, Military, and Death death space exploration military government

Haiti, Technology and Society haiti technology society

What is Sin? spirituality philosophy

Server-Client OS futurology technology ui

Episode 6: (Indie) Rock City female vocalist indie rock rock

Johnny Hoodoo - Future Blues acoustic blues blues country blues old school

Standards Compliant Flash Embed web

Episode 5: Spotlight: My Light Sweet Fire acoustic/folk classical indie pop

Robin Grey - The Finchley Waltz acoustic/folk british nu-folk storytelling

Onalaska - Bird in the Night acoustic/folk alt-country folk rock indie rock

Episode 4: Spotlight: Jeff Schram acoustic/folk blues indie rock singer-songwriter

User Rights

Europe futurology technology

Josh Woodward - The Pawnbroker's Stepdaughter acoustic/folk dark acoustic folk rock singer-songwriter

Episode 3: Spotlight: Entertainment for the Braindead chillout female vocalist indie folk singer-songwriter

CLI + GUI = The Future technology futurology ui

Ben's Imaginary Band - Underwater Waltz indie pop pretty singer-songwriter sleepy


Episode 2: Acousticality acoustic/folk fingerstyle folk rock


Moral Luck

Out with the old, in with the new technology

Style Vs Substance

PeerGynt Lobogris - Rumbo a Riel instrumental metal progressive rock rock

Science Vs Religion

The Heavens - This Beautiful Machine alternative britpop indie rock psychedelic rock

Cirilo Adriazola Salas - Corazón latin guitar


Episode 1: Stellar Vector indie rock new rave post-punk progressive rock

I.T.B.A. - Into the Blue Abyss avantgarde post-rock

Pourquoi me Reveiller - Divided by Four alternative experimental indie folk indie pop indie rock

Emilsson - Another, part IV ambient electronic house tech house

Josh Woodward - She Dreams in Blue acoustic/folk dark acoustic folk rock singer-songwriter

Lorenzo's Music - Down the Stairway blues indie pop indie rock rock

Jonathan Coulton - I Feel Fantastic acoustic/folk comedy indie folk singer-songwriter

Scott Andrew - More Good Days acoustic rock acoustic/folk american pop-folk

Brad Sucks - Overreacting acoustic rock electro indie pop indie rock

Silence essay