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A Lament for Lady Liberty

The day Lady Liberty drew her first breath in New England she started a fire that lit the world with new hope: monarchies were uprooted and destroyed, democracy flourished. America, the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave, was conqured by the unquenchable hearts of frontiersmen seeking their Manifest Destiny; nobody could stop them.

Why Should I Carry on Living?

I promise, there are reasons.

I'm Serious

The Nausea is real.


Tree from childhood, dust that forms in the cracks of the bark. Dust is used to spread over the dead. The tree is the tree of life.

We Stopped Dreaming

The future depends on humanity remembering to wonder and hope for a better future. It is hope an curiosity that drive innovation and change. Human beings are amazing. We are capable of so much. I hope we can realize our potential.

The Connection Machine

Ever want to work together with somebody on a project, but didn’t know who had the relevant skills? Want to start a company? Need skilled employees? Connection Machine is your answer. The Connection Machine is a goal reaching, project tracking tool combined with a simple social network designed to faciliate and promote the progress of a given project or goal.


Tamactiluya means “to study” in Nawat, a (mostly dead) language spoken by the natives of El Salvador.

Harm Reduction

The United States (and other governments around the world) have spent massive amounts of resources fighting the “War on Drugs” to the general detriment of society. People have easy access to innaccurate information on the effects and side-effects of various street drugs, pharmaceutical drugs, and psychoactive plants; anti-drug organizations tend to reenforce those inaccurate perceptions. Project Beyond’s Harm Reduction Project, alongside other related resources, like Erowid, is committed to gathering, vetting, and synthesizing accurate information on these and other related substances.


When you’re surrounded by mosques, ducking into an alleyway to get a fix seems almost hypocritical. The thump of dance music behind you mocks the devotion of the women wearing the hijab entering the mosque for morning prayer. A thread of religious devotion permeates the city, everywhere religious symbols plead for attention, but they can’t win. No matter how many mosques and churches they build around you, you find deeper and darker holes to hide in; not even the Imam can blot out darkness with stone and mortar.

Trancendental Dreamer

Every so often you have an experience that changes the way you think, or, in the very least, causes you to stop and look at your life from a different perspective. These experiences go by a lot of names and are attributed to many different sources, yet they all represent the same understanding: by looking to experience something outside ourselves we are able to find answers, find clarity and come back ready for whatever we have to face.

A New Beginning

I've always hidden behind a facade of stillness and slight disinterest. Nothing connected, nothing loved; at least by appearances. I want to be something different. I know there is a better, more genuine me somewhere and I am going to find him. art life love new beginnings


xcex is a currency-agnostic exchange engine designed to handle even the highest transaction volumes. We are working on building the future of currency exchange software. xcex’s bid matching system is fully currency-agnostic and seamlessly integrates with any cryptocurrency rpc server to manage balances and external tranfers.

In Defense of Idling

The best thing about being responsible is the thrill of shunning responsibility. The more you have to do, the more you can enjoy not doing it. I am committed to around ninety hours of activities every week, and, as you might imagine, avoiding those commitments can be nearly orgasmic. This weekend should have been spent writing the ten, or so, pages worth of essays I have due this week, but I did something better, namely: nothing.

Ecology And The Human Predicament

Energy Systems Theory

Keeping the Memory Alive

They say “who you were, determines who you are”, and to a certain extent I agree with that; maybe it could be better said, “to understand who you are, you need to know who you were”. To some degree I have always tried to escape who I was so I could be free to be who I am. Unfortunately that does not work. My past will always be a part of me: I can embrace and learn from it, or I can reject and run from it. One thing my brief life experience has taught me is that running does not work, all it does is delay the inevitable. You will face your past. The sooner you can accept that fact, the sooner you can really start living.

life history

We Lost the Drug War

The “War on Drugs” has been an outright failure. We have spent the last forty years trying to eliminate drug use only to see the United States become the number one consumer of recreational drugs in the world. Our prisons are full of addicts, and we spent billions every year to track them down and put them there with almost no thought given to what kind of treatment they need. We have seen the rise of ruthless drug cartels, organizations that now dictate the function of a number of Latin American countries. All under the assumption that prohibition, which already failed, can solve our substance abuse problem.

politics drugs

No Regrets

Don’t let anyone, other than yourself, dictate what your life will be. Find something that will help you make that happen.

spirituality relationships love


Talking about feeling and how much it sucks and is great.


The Restaurant

I’m sitting in a restaurant, one of those places where everyone is always on a date. I’m sitting by myself: The waiter keeps asking me when my date is going to show up. I already told him, I don’t have one, he laughs and walks away. I don’t know how I got myself into this situation. Maybe I should have been more understanding, a little bit more flexible. Maybe I should have told somebody what I was planning before I went through with it, not that it would have made difference, but things might have turned out better. Who knows?

Make Something Cool

My sixth grade English teacher had a slogan that has stuck with me ever since: “make something cool”.

It Takes A Lot Of Courage To Go Out There And Radiate Your Essence

I stepped out into the cold night, electronic music thumping behind me. I’d come to see a few of my favorite electronic artists who were touring together this year but I just wasn’t feeling it. I don’t know why I didn’t want to listen this this stuff, I spent the last couple of months psyching myself up for this show, listening to everything I was likely to hear over and over, memorizing lyrics, doing everything I could think of to make this the greatest musical experience of my life.


I am from lonely hi-ways and desert roads.


It takes a lot of courage to go out there and radiate your essence.

dreams love life

The "War on Terror"

I spent two years (2010–2012) living in Uruguay and thanks to my hispanic heritage I was able to get an insiders view of how the United States is perceived abroad. The US is a very important part of western culture, nobody contests that; the whole worlds listens to our music and watches our movies, it’s great! No complaints there. Our problem is geopolitical, we’ve made ourselves into a global police force of “moral-enforcers”. We believe that we can spread democracy through our military prowess and that we need to take revenge for wrongs committed against us and those countries we are friendly with. The world sees that zeal for democracy as imperialism, again and again I would hear, roughly, “the Americans are imperialists, they want to rule the world”.

politics gobalization

Music and Economic Democracy

A collection of unscripted, unprepared and uncensored voice recordings covering topics ranging from culture and politics to economics and public policy; everything is game.

music emotion socialism democracy

Fire Born

Her eyes, like sapphire, in the sunshine

Informing (Your|My)self About Soy

I recently took the decision to be vegetarian (and eventually vegan, more on that later) and I like to make informed decisions and know what I’m doing when I do something. One of the more controversial topics in the “Health” and “Vegan/Vegetarian” sphere is soy; some call it a super-food, others blame it for decreasing fertility and even blame soy for "making kids gay". There isn’t a lot of agreement out there, is there? Personally, I’m not interested in opinions or anecdotes when it comes to my health or anything else that can have a significant impact on the quality of my life. Thankfully there are scientists that study these things and find out what soy really does to us.

vegan food


I’m not a prince, I haven’t come

The Geyser

Subtle beauty, fairly grand, lies glowing upon the land.

The Dryad

Where art thou O Dryad O goddess of the woods?

Questions To A Child

What are you thinking, oh child so pure?

Perfection Denied

In life I journey searching for perfection,

Love Unconfessed

Love un-confessed is not love denied,

Like the Day I Was Born

I’m standing in sunlight after a long dark night!


HTMLBuilder is a JavaScript toolkit of micro-libraries for all of your HTML building needs. Currently featuring:

javascript template engine web

Fate, Change, Iraq

A discussion on Fate, the possibility of Change, and Iraq.

fate iraq determinism free will change


Censorship has been a hot topic for nearly as long as history can remember: in the middle ages it was secular literature and “evil” or “impure” music containing diminished or otherwise dissonant chords. Later, and even continuing into the present day, perfectly valid and correct scientific papers that cut too much against the grain are excluded, censored, from the publications that they belong in. Clearly, censorship isn’t a new idea or phenomena.

politics society anti-censorship art censorship china human sexuality reniassance sex industry social issues

Computerization - My Body

Some more great stuff I found over on CLLCT! Computerization features electronic-style instrumentation fused with some more traditional elements (like guitar, &c.) it’s all very cool!


Communism and Globalization (in China)

Leninism, Stalinism, and later, Maoism are three of the major forms of communism that I call Practical Communism, or Applied Communism, as opposed to the Marxist ideal of Pure Communism, which is more philosophical than anything else. These systems of Practical Communism, in many, if not all, cases, diverted strongly from the original ideals of Marxism, except, perhaps, in spirit.

economics philosophy politics communism socialism

Your Yellow Dress - Hymn for Separated Lovers

I found Your Yellow Dress on CLLCT and fell in love. They are just awesome, take a listen!


Space, Military, and Death

Discussion of the current space exploration and military issues as well as a discussion on death.

death space exploration military government

Haiti, Technology and Society

Discussion on Haiti and the implications of technology on society.

haiti technology society

What is Sin?

Some time ago I wrote a short article that briefly discussed moral luck and discussed the implications of circumstance in making moral decisions. Here is most of the article, neatly summing up my original point:

spirituality philosophy

Server-Client OS

In all of this excitement about Cloud computing the focus has been on remixing and reviving the concept of Web 2.0 and that really isn’t anything new. Essentially the web is running big javascript programs, storing the output on a server with a username and calling that Cloud computing. And honestly that has been around for a while now and calling that “The Cloud” is just Web 2.0 trying to get some more attention. Cloud computing is, or should be, real computing like you do everyday; running real programs written in real programming languages. (not javascript) But how is that to be done? Simply put the idea is to split the OS into two parts: the UI and the Rest. But this split needs to be adjustable; starting with the previously stated split and scaling up to only storing files and preferences on the server. This is what Cloud computing is meant to be.

futurology technology ui

Episode 6: (Indie) Rock City

Welcome to (Indie) Rock City! Today we’ll be featuring some of the best and free Independent Rock artists around. And I’d also like to apologize for the massively long time between Episode 5 and 6. Hopefully that wont be happening too often any more. This episode features:

female vocalist indie rock rock

Johnny Hoodoo - Future Blues

In order to keep everyone happy until I finish putting together a proper introduction for the shows I’d like to share some old-fashioned country blues with y’all. What we’ve got here is a wonderful mix of acoustic-influenced blues (like some of [Jeff Schram][8]’s stuff) and southern country. Which sounds odd, I know. But it’s a great ear-full of historic blues. I can guarantee that this is the sort of stuff you’d hear if you took a musical tour of the American South during the early days of blues. Isn’t it great!

acoustic blues blues country blues old school

Standards Compliant Flash Embed

One of the bigger problems I’ve faced in doing standards compliant web development is embedding flash without breaking any of the W3C’s standards. But thanks to Drew McLellan over at A List Apart I was able to put together a standards-compliant flash embed template. (Read his article if you want the whole explanation, and such)


Episode 5: Spotlight: My Light Sweet Fire

Sorry about the long wait, guys, I’ve been busy with a lot of things lately. I also apologise for any oddities you may notice in the show as it was recorded live and if I remember properly I had a couple of issues with the microphone during the show. All that aside I would like to introduce [My Light Sweet Fire][7], a very interesting band from New York. They play a very pleasant mix of soft acoustic and what I would call Victorian-era music (although the Victorian influence is only noticeable in one song) and it sounds great.

acoustic/folk classical indie pop

Robin Grey - The Finchley Waltz

Enter [Robin Grey][2], an awesome folk artist from Britain! This song in particular has some awesomely deep observations about life, I love it. I particularly like the way everything is told in a pseudo-story-like style, everything leads into the next thought, it just flows beautifully. I, for one, enjoy complex acoustic guitar picking patterns behind vocals (as opposed to strumming, as is common) but despite the simplicity of the guitar in this song I liked it. Probably for the words. You can look up Robin Grey on [][3] and [Jamendo][4]. Have fun!

acoustic/folk british nu-folk storytelling

Onalaska - Bird in the Night

I’ve got a nice bonus track here for you: Bird in the Night by [Onalaska][1] from their album You and the Fishermen. It’s a really nice sort of acoustic pseudo-rock that I really enjoy; it is fairly mellow and reminds me of [Simon and Garfunkel][2]. (although you may not agree) I really like the picture this song in particular paints. Listen to it, you’ll see what I mean.

acoustic/folk alt-country folk rock indie rock

Episode 4: Spotlight: Jeff Schram

Today we’re listening to Jeff Schram and New York-based Blues guitarist. He is said to sound like a cross of The Racontours, 70’s Eric Clapton, and the Foo Fighters. I would say he sounds like Clapton, John Mayer, and the Martial Arts. Either way you have a great sound coming from this talented guitarist/vocalist.

acoustic/folk blues indie rock singer-songwriter

User Rights

The user rights system that is used by nearly every Linux distribution out there isn’t fine grained to say the least. In fact I’d say Windows has more fine-grained user right options than Linux currently does. There are three types of users: users that cannot become root, users that can become root, and root. So you can either do nothing, type in your password an extra time and do whatever you want, or do whatever you want whenever you want. Not ideal. The solution is a bit involved and roughly based on the MediaWiki access rights model, I think. Each user is given certain rights based on pre-set, or otherwise, user profiles that are, in turn, based on a number-based rights system and plus-, or minus-, codes. The number based rights system roughly defines user access on a scale of 0 to 5.


Europe is a system to allow for the distribution of CPU cycles for user-space applications. Traditionally distributed computing systems are focused on sheer computing power and don’t worry about the things computer users worry about because of the sheer size of the calculations being preformed. User-space applications, on the other hand, have to worry about the user. Sheer FLOPS wont cut it in user-space because the task needs to be completed in real-time. User perception, timely task completion, and network latency become an issue right away.

futurology technology

Josh Woodward - The Pawnbroker's Stepdaughter

Here’s another great song by Josh Woodward! Listen to these great lyrics, it’s some pretty profound stuff. And, as a little news, I’m in the process of looking at a great band called AM that I’m planning to review for Episode 4. So stay tuned!

acoustic/folk dark acoustic folk rock singer-songwriter

Episode 3: Spotlight: Entertainment for the Braindead

Welcome to the long awaited Episode 3 of Indie Invasion! I’m truly sorry that it took so long to get around to recording this but finding free time is rather difficult. But enough of that, today we are spotlighting a superbly talented musician from [Cologne, Germany][2] named Julia Kotowski.

chillout female vocalist indie folk singer-songwriter

CLI + GUI = The Future

The big focus in modern computing is to make the computer act as little as possible like a computer and as much as possible like some skewed representation of a physical desk. Each new version of any given window manager is tweaked and modified to be “intuitive” and “easy to use.” But what does that mean? Essentially that they have moved things around into a, possibly, more logical menu system. All this does is change the incorrect metaphor that the user is confronted with. But it doesn’t change the fact that most of the GUI is cruft. A large portion of what users face when they use the computer is a waste of time.

technology futurology ui

Ben's Imaginary Band - Underwater Waltz

Have this nice taste of some great music to hold you over until I record Episode 3! This is [Ben’s Imaginary Band][1] with Underwater Waltz.

indie pop pretty singer-songwriter sleepy


In the beginning there was the Word, father of the Universe, and there was the Void, the destroyer. And the Word was all things good; the Void was all things evil. Light and Dark. Life and Death.

Episode 2: Acousticality

And we’re back! This is Episode 2 and it is entitled Acousticality, (Don’t ask me where that name came from, I don’t know) featuring some of the best Indie Acoustic/Folk artists on the web, they include:

acoustic/folk fingerstyle folk rock


Introspection is a form of self-reflection, a way to come to know one’s self. It takes time and effort to come to know yourself but the benefits and rewards are great. Introspection will teach you many things and the techniques used in the process have many beneficial side-effects. You will learn why you do things and because of that you will have a great deal of control over what you do. You will be able to make many changes in yourself if you wish as well as find out and become your true self. Introspection is extremely useful, you’ll gain insight and knowledge about yourself and eventually gain dominion over yourself. Introspection is truly a powerful thing because you can actually figure out why you are doing something and be able to do something about it.

Moral Luck

If a person is born poor, and has no choice but to steal food, are they morally responsible for their actions? In other words, is what they did wrong? Should they be considered thieves or criminals? Will they be held accountable on the day of judgment? I think not. Think now of a rich person, someone who never has a need to steal or commit any un-moral act. Is this person more morally responsible for their actions?

Out with the old, in with the new

Anyone that has used Linux knows about the rather counter-intuitive Filesystem Hierarchy Standard (FHS), sure it’s useful for programs, but that is because they’re built for that system. For users and developers, I imagine, working with this system is a big hassle. The FHS is outlined below (courtesy of Wikipedia)


Style Vs Substance

Is style more important than substance? No. Why? The answer to that is a bit more complex. People tend to put more weight in style than in substance, but in reality substance is what matters. A politician could say that he would end the war in Iraq and he could say it in the coolest way and be the most charismatic politician around but in the end will he end the war? Probably not.

PeerGynt Lobogris - Rumbo a Riel

Introducing [PeerGynt Lobogris][1], an amazing metal guitarist from Spain. He is simply awesome, look out for a full episode dedicated to him some time soon.

instrumental metal progressive rock rock

Science Vs Religion

Very often people believe that science and religion are incompatible. They either believe that science or religion should be completely ignored. They do not seem to see that science and religion are not conflicting beliefs they are simply different ways for people to understand the Universe. Science attempts to understand everything using reason and observation. Religion gets it’s understanding through its prophets who commune with God as well as through direct communion with God. Galileo Galilei once said:

The Heavens - This Beautiful Machine

It’s time for another little snack for all you music lovers. I’m still incapable of clear speech so I won’t be recording anything for this pseudo-episode. I’d really like to but, what do you do? Today we’ll be listening to [The Heavens][1] playing a song titled This Beautiful Machine. I rather like it, I hope you do to.

alternative britpop indie rock psychedelic rock

Cirilo Adriazola Salas - Corazón

It’s probably going to be another month before I can record another episode of Indie Invasion due to a horribly annoying appliance that the dentist decided I needed, therefore I have a temporary speech impediment. (It sucks I know) I would like to record Indie Invasion: Episode II: Attack of the Clones but I would rather be able to speek clearly while doing so. So today, instead of doing nothing I’m going to hook you up with a bonus track entitled Corazón by the Chilean artist [Cirilo Adriazola Salas][1] who (oddly) currently resided in Germany. This song (if you didn’t notice yet) is in Spanish but I think you’ll enjoy it anyway because the melody is very catchy if you ask me. I hope this is enough to keep you listeners happy until I can record Epidode 2.

latin guitar


Creativity is an important part of the human spirit, it is what drives artists to create beautiful works of art and what allows us to defend ourselves from those who would do us harm. Creativity is our ability to create new tools, new weapons, and new ideas. Without creativity there would be little civilization because there would be little progress. If nothing new was ever thought of then we would become stagnant, never progressing because nothing would change.

Episode 1: Stellar Vector

Check it out! The Invasion has finally come, the Indie Invasion! I will finally be doing some talking about the artist and such. Today we are listening to Stellar Vector’s latest EP: “You’re Not Included” released on a pay-what-you-want basis. (cool right) I’m really excited to finally be recording on Indie Invasion, I’ve been wanting to do this since I started Indie Invasion, I hope you enjoy listenting to this episode as much as I enjoyed making it.

indie rock new rave post-punk progressive rock

I.T.B.A. - Into the Blue Abyss

This song is going to be a little different than anything that I’ve posted to Indie Invasion, I.T.B.A. is an ambient rock band, this song is purely insturmental and very cool. Check them out at the [You are Not Stealing Records][6] website.

avantgarde post-rock

Pourquoi me Reveiller - Divided by Four

Imagine this, a Dutch band, with a French name, that sings in English. They’re cool, in fact I would consider them to be eclectic rock. (amirite?) Check them out and I will guarantee that you will enjoy the mix.

alternative experimental indie folk indie pop indie rock

Emilsson - Another, part IV

Check out [Emilsson][0], an indie techno composer. This song is from his album [Almost][1] which includes four techno songs that appear to be somehow connected. Check out the link for more.

ambient electronic house tech house

Josh Woodward - She Dreams in Blue

Say hello to Josh Woodward, another indie singer-songwriter. If you’ve noticed I’ve been posting a lot of these types of artists, mostly because they are awesome. Josh Woodward, however, doesn’t exactly fit into the “singer-songwriter” category, he is one but his music is widely experimental. He plays all sorts of music”—just check out this song, and his website (for more).

acoustic/folk dark acoustic folk rock singer-songwriter

Lorenzo's Music - Down the Stairway

I just gotta say that Lorenzo’s Music (this being the name of the band, if you where wondering) is awesome. I mean what could be better than rock combined with a saxophone? Seriously? But don’t let me tell you, find out for your self. By the way, check out their [website][1].

blues indie pop indie rock rock

Jonathan Coulton - I Feel Fantastic

Check this out, its [Jonathan Coulton][1], he’s awesome. Just check out this song and you’ll agree.

acoustic/folk comedy indie folk singer-songwriter

Scott Andrew - More Good Days

Today we have Scott Andrew playing More Good Days, he is a singer-songwriter form Seattle who is a proponent of releasing music under the Creative Commons license. If you are familiar with singer-songwriters you’ll recognize that signature sound in Andrew’s music. Enjoy!

acoustic rock acoustic/folk american pop-folk

Brad Sucks - Overreacting

Brad Sucks is the stage name for Brad Turcotte one of the first artists to distribute their music freely under the creative commons license. This song is from his album I Don’t Know What I’m Doing which is rather good so check it out at his website. Enjoy!

acoustic rock electro indie pop indie rock


Silence is a contemplation of your surroundings and a way to gain a deeper understanding of the world. Silence is a learning experience; it allows us to get in touch with ourselves in an open calm atmosphere. Silence also allows us to gain a connection with our surroundings that would never exist otherwise. The reason that this connection never forms is because we are so busy and we never have ‘time’ to contemplate and gain a connection to our surrounding in silence. Silence not only gives us a connection to our surroundings in addition to giving us a profound understanding of our surroundings and ourselves. Silence is relaxing it can give us breathing room to deal with the troubles of everyday life. The fact that you push everything aside when you listen to silence allows you to be calm and ready to deal with the rigors of life. Silence is basically an awakening experience that gives us breathing room when we need it and a way to connect to our surroundings and ourselves.