When you’re surrounded by mosques, ducking into an alleyway to get a fix seems almost hypocritical. The thump of dance music behind you mocks the devotion of the women wearing the hijab entering the mosque for morning prayer. A thread of religious devotion permeates the city, everywhere religious symbols plead for attention, but they can’t win. No matter how many mosques and churches they build around you, you find deeper and darker holes to hide in; not even the Imam can blot out darkness with stone and mortar.


Trancendental Dreamer

Every so often you have an experience that changes the way you think, or, in the very least, causes you to stop and look at your life from a different perspective. These experiences go by a lot of names and are attributed to many different sources, yet they all represent the same understanding: by looking to experience something outside ourselves we are able to find answers, find clarity and come back ready for whatever we have to face.


In Defense of Idling

The best thing about being responsible is the thrill of shunning responsibility. The more you have to do, the more you can enjoy not doing it. I am committed to around ninety hours of activities every week, and, as you might imagine, avoiding those commitments can be nearly orgasmic. This weekend should have been spent writing the ten, or so, pages worth of essays I have due this week, but I did something better, namely: nothing.


Keeping the Memory Alive

They say "who you were, determines who you are", and to a certain extent I agree with that; maybe it could be better said, "to understand who you are, you need to know who you were". To some degree I have always tried to escape who I was so I could be free to be who I am. Unfortunately that does not work. My past will always be a part of me: I can embrace and learn from it, or I can reject and run from it. One thing my brief life experience has taught me is that running does not work, all it does is delay the inevitable. You will face your past. The sooner you can accept that fact, the sooner you can really start living.


We Lost the Drug War

The "War on Drugs" has been an outright failure. We have spent the last forty years trying to eliminate drug use only to see the United States become the number one consumer of recreational drugs in the world. Our prisons are full of addicts, and we spent billions every year to track them down and put them there with almost no thought given to what kind of treatment they need. We have seen the rise of ruthless drug cartels, organizations that now dictate the function of a number of Latin American countries. All under the assumption that prohibition, which already failed, can solve our substance abuse problem.


No Regrets

Don't let anyone, other than yourself, dictate what your life will be. Find something that will help you make that happen.